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About Us

About UsReno Hospital for Cats is proud to serve Reno, NV and the surrounding communities. Our hospital is the only cat friendly certified practice in our area and we are excited to be able to give your cats the very best veterinary care possible.

Since we are specialized in caring for cats, we feel that our hospital is the best place for your cat's veterinary care.

Our entire staff is dedicated to keeping your cat as healthy as possible. We know and understand all of the preventative medicine that is currently available so your cat can live a happy and healthy life. We are well prepared to discuss diets, cat behavior, and any other problems that you may be having with your cat or new kitten.

When your cat is ill, we feel that our hospital is better able to get him or her back to health quickly. We know and understand how cats think and how their bodies work. Our hospital is well prepared to run the tests needed to find out what is wrong and we also have the treatments necessary to make him or her better. Our staff is excellent at doing it all while trying to reduce stress on your cat!

We know that a cat is not just a small dog! This will set us apart from the rest of the hospitals you may visit. We provide the highest veterinary medicine for your cat, along with friendly service.

Our hospital and the entire staff love cats and treat each one that walks through our door like their own. Each cat, whether healthy or sick, gets plenty of love and attention, throughout their visit. You will not leave our hospital without your questions answered.

If you have any questions about how we can care for your cat, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Thank you!

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